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Welcome to the Electronic fan Series,Noise, frequency conversion,Engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation website, here will introduce all the information and prices of the Electronic fan Series,Noise, frequency conversion,Engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation, hope to help you solve the problem
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  Electronic fan Series manufacturer
product name:Electronic fan Series
Product Number:JS-FS506
Price:¥290.00   Discounted prices:[WhatsAPP] []
Material:OE material, nylon case
Main applications:In 2008 began to develop the "ATS automotive engine thermal management system "controller and assembly production test mass production, by the deep long Yun and many other enterprises are highly recognized, the operation of the industry encountered "ATS system" using "brush fan" short life failure, foreign brands "brushless electronic fan" high cost, the exclusive monopoly of 90% of the domestic market. In 2010, Mengfa started to develop "brushless axial flow cooling energy-saving fan". After in-depth market research and deep consideration of market prospects, technical research for 3 years, the technical team pioneered the development of the first domestic and foreign brands to compete and substitute innovative products "CAN bus interface brushless axial flow cooling energy-saving fan ", Mold opening and production testing, after several years of testing and testing, finally overcome the technical difficulties, and in 2013, the car was loaded into mass production and was affirmed by domestic automobile brand enterprises, and various technical indicators reached the level of foreign brands. At the same time, in May 2015, the establishment of "Shenzhen speed Cyclone Industrial Co., LTD.", to expand business, after numerous technical updates, obtained two intelligent agricultural machinery controller patents (emergency switch controller, vehicle line status indicator light) and tablet computer instrument APP software copyright; 3 "brushless axial fan" core components and appearance patents, products by the domestic authoritative testing institutions (Yutong designated) : Nanjing Capacitive Testing Technology Co., LTD., Changsha Automotive electrical testing center, product performance test qualified, stable performance.
Manufacturer/company: 极速旋风 (Click to enter极速旋风)
  Electronic fan Series detailed introduction

What is a Electronic fan Series

Related Electronic fan Series parameters

Original process, OE material, OE material, > 7200 hours of durability testing, 12 months of ultra-long quality assurance, 17 factory strict testing, excellent heat dissipation, customer-centric business philosophy, one-stop service, no middleman, quality for survival, reputation for development.

Electronic fan Series applicationr

1 Precise heat management 2 Independent engine speed1MxSingapore
3 Response to air conditioning system requirements 4 Efficient heat exchange1MxSingapore
5 Intelligent startup and job1MxSingapore
In summary, the automotive electronic water fan provides an effective cooling solution for the automotive cooling system through intelligent temperature control, energy saving and consumption reduction, efficient heat exchange and electronic control. Engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation to ensure that the engine does not fail due to high temperature
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