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Welcome to the Electronic water pump,Noise, frequency conversion,Engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation website, here will introduce all the information and prices of the Electronic water pump,Noise, frequency conversion,Engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation, hope to help you solve the problem
Electronic water pump manufacturer/Electronic water pump factory/Electronic water pump company direct sales
  Electronic water pump manufacturer
product name:Electronic water pump
Product Number:JS-FS320
Price:¥290.00   Discounted prices:[WhatsAPP] []
Material:OE material, nylon case
Main applications:Speedwind Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry, located in China
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a collection of design and development, production, marketing as one of the high-tech enterprises
Industry, the company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, the main products include automotive brushless DC electronic water pump
Series, automotive cooling electronic fan series
C o m p a n y p r o f i l e
The company adheres to the world's leading business philosophy: strive to create the speed whirlwind company's enterprise innovation
Consciousness, integrity management, first-class service, strive for industry brand, to customer success measure us
The success of... The company adheres to strict management, lean production, sincere cooperation, new products, service
The concept of the industry is based on the principle of "quality assurance, reputation first", and the production of "more secure" for customers
Full, better, more affordable "products, to provide more intimate, more convenient service.
Manufacturer/company: 极速旋风 (Click to enter极速旋风)
  Electronic water pump detailed introduction

What is a Electronic water pump

Related Electronic water pump parameters

Original process, OE material, OE material, > 7200 hours of durability testing, 12 months of ultra-long quality assurance, 17 factory strict testing, excellent heat dissipation, customer-centric business philosophy, one-stop service, no middleman, quality for survival, reputation for development.

Electronic water pump applicationr

1 Precise heat management 2 Independent engine speedGTfSingapore
3 Response to air conditioning system requirements 4 Efficient heat exchangeGTfSingapore
5 Intelligent startup and jobGTfSingapore
In summary, the automotive electronic water fan provides an effective cooling solution for the automotive cooling system through intelligent temperature control, energy saving and consumption reduction, efficient heat exchange and electronic control. Engine heat dissipation and coolant heat dissipation to ensure that the engine does not fail due to high temperature
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极速旋风 (Enter the company homepage)
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